Swimming is one the most versatile activities you can do. It is an essential life skill, sport, and a fun way to Life. Live. Healthier. We offer customized private and small group lessons for kids and adults.

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Why take swim lessons?

Swimming is more than a sport, it is also an important and potentially life-saving skill. Research shows that drowning is one of the top 5 causes for accidental death among kids ages 1-141. Drowning is preventable and can be reduced by strengthening your child’s swim skills through swim lessons.

What to expect when your child takes swim lessons?

Whether your child is beginning, advanced or falls somewhere in between, we will customize each swim lesson to fit your child’s skill level and swim goals.

If your child has little to no swim experience, early swim lessons will be dedicated to getting your child comfortable in the water. We will do so by teaching your child basic water safety skills. Once your child is comfortable in the water they will then learn how to swim the full length of the pool, which is 25 meters.

If your child enjoys swimming or already participates in competitive swimming, swim lessons will be dedicated to teaching them all four competitive swim strokes, developing their swim stroke technique, and improving other skills necessary for competing in the sport.

What to Bring to a Swim Lesson?

  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Swim Cap
  • Water

About Swim Lesson Instructor

Lessons are taught by Candace who is a Certified USA Swimming Coach and Water Safety Instructor. Candace has been helping kids develop water safety and swim skills for 7 years. She has been a competitive swimmer for 13 years and is currently a head coach for a swim team in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Candace is a Certified Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor. She is also Certified in CPR/First Aid Response

Picture of Candace Swimming Backstroke

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