OUR MISSION is to design all inclusive, fun, and interactive fitness and aquatic programs. While we are continuously developing new and innovative programs, our current program offerings include: private swim lessons, semi-private swim lessons, and youth group fitness classes.

Through our swim lessons, we aim to encourage individuals to have fun and engage in physical activity by learning new skills. Through our youth fitness classes, we aim to showcase the benefits of participating in physical activity by introducing kids to fundamental fitness techniques in a fun and safe environment.


OUR VISION is to make living a healthier lifestyle more accessible to all. We intend to achieve this vision by utilizing both in-person and virtual mediums to create our fitness and aquatics programs. We believe that technological advancements are important tools for the future of the fitness industry, therefore we want to utilize advances in technology to provide more informative and simplified training.

Through our in-person lessons and classes, our goal is to provide a customized experience that will better help our participants meet their individual goals. Our in-person programs will take place within the DMV area.

Through our online content, our goal is to provide educational articles, videos, and other relevant content in a way that is fun, motivational, and easy to understand. We intend to utilize our online programs to reach people beyond our local community.


OUR FITNESS JOURNEY started as a result of spending thousands of hours participating in the competitive swim world for over 13 years. Competitive swimming has provided us with the opportunity to mentor and coach kids within the sport. Wanting to learn more about improving athlete performance, we developed a passion for exercise. Over the past 7 years we have been studying and researching the positive impacts that exercise has on an individuals’ life. While living a healthier lifestyle depends on multiple factors, we have witnessed first-hand how learning and finding enjoyable physical activities can serve as a key motivator. For those reasons, we decided to create Exercise Network as a way to continue fulfilling our passion for swimming and fitness while inspiring others to Live. Life. Healthier.

As we begin OUR EXERCISE NETWORK JOURNEY we would like to thank you for your interest and support as we develop our programs!


Certified Water Safety Instructor

Certified Lifeguard

Certified CPR/First Aid

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Certified Swim Coach